Nervous About Launching a Charitable Nonprofit?
Our coaching will ease you through the journey.

OrgLaunch Nonprofit Startup Coaching

Bring Your Vision to Life!

Helping others is your passion. If you're thinking of serving even more people by creating a nonprofit, read on to learn how OrgLaunch can help!

Clear Vision

Develop a clear and compelling vision for your program--one with the power to attract volunteer and financial support. Set your nonprofit's mission, vision, and values.

Program Assessment

Before you dig too deeply into nonprofit startup, analyze whether your idea is likely to succeed and whether you're really ready for the challenge.

Prep for Paperwork 

Completing state and federal forms can be tedious, but that's the easy part. We help you plan and prepare the right answers before we walk through the paperwork with you.  

Program and Budget

Hate planning and paperwork? It seems that most visionaries do. So we'll be there to help you design your program and create the 3-year budget required by the IRS.

Board Development

Together, we'll create a board recruitment strategy, and we'll coach you through the recruitment process. Then, you can invite your new directors to the class, Board Basics for Nonprofits.

Operating Policies

We all hate it, but some "red tape" is unavoidable. So we ease some of that "sting" by giving you a headstart on policies that make the government happy and give your leadership team a solid start.

Is OrgLaunch Right for You?


Learn the steps required to go from zero to the birth of a U.S. charitable nonprofit. 


Group and one-on-one coaching walks you through the process of nonprofit startup.



Join our social media community, and connect with fellow nonprofit founders.

The Right Fit

OrgLaunch is a digital education and coaching program that mentors visionary individuals and church leaders who...

  • Don't want to take time to learn the ins and outs of nonprofit startup alone,
  • Don't have access to a "paid-for-you" nonprofit startup program,
  • Prefer not to pay an hourly consulting fee or large "done-for-you" fee for startup paperwork,
  • Want leadership development along with nonprofit startup,
  • Want the option either to launch quickly or to fit nonprofit startup into a busy life,
  • Would appreciate support for 5 months, and
  • Wants a program that supports the startup TEAM, not just the founder.


You Have Options

Once you decide to launch a nonprofit, you have options. You can read how-to information in books or online and do it yourself. Or you can hire someone to take care of the paperwork for you.

But I offer you a third option--one I think is even better for you and your startup team.

OrgLaunch gives you education, coaching, and 5 months of support to help you understand the reasons behind the information you include in your forms and applications. That information will affect your operation later.

After all the paperwork has been filed, you'll get leadership development and access to coaching and feedback for 5 months. If you join our private social media group, you can also connect with a community of fellow nonprofit founders.


The Choice Is Yours

Now, to be clear, if you join OrgLaunch, you can still hire someone to complete your state and federal paperwork. The choice is always yours.

But as an OrgLaunch student, you'll be well-informed as you work with a contractor and have support working through the decisions you'll have to make.

If you decide to do the work yourself,  just work along with our live classes and coaching, or use the recordings to work at your own pace..

Whatever speed you choose, you can participate in all OrgLaunch classes and coaching sessions throughout the 5-month program.


From Clients and Students


OrgLaunch will reopen in 2017. If you’d like to receive Nonprofit Startup Academy program updates, please add your information below and click the button to sign up.

Program Details

  • Program Dates: To Be Determined
  • OrgLaunch program materials are housed online inside the Nonprofit Startup Lab. A few days before the program starts, you'll receive an email telling you how to log into the Lab and access the program.
  • When you pay your tuition, you'll also create an account with your email and password. You'll use that information each time you log into the Nonprofit Startup Lab. 
  • The program offers recorded and live classes or coaching each week for the first 10 weeks to move students through nonprofit startup. Aftterward, we'll provide classes and coaching geared to students' specific needs. A class and coaching schedule will be available inside the program.
  • Students will have a chance to schedule up to four 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions during the program.

To Join Us You'll Need

  • A reliable email address.
  • A basic understanding of the internet, such as how to do web searches and navigate websites.
  • A computer or smart phone with reliable Internet access to particpate in the live webinars, to watch video lessons and recorded coaching sessions, and to download program materials.
  • For live coaching sessions: A computer with internet for audio and video or a phone for audio participation only. Sessions may take place using a webinar format or over a conference phone line.
  • A commitment of 3 to 5 hours each week for classes, coaching, and homework.


OrgLaunch is for serious students only -- those ready to do the work of nonprofit startup. The program will walk you through the creation of a charitable nonprofit in the U.S. if you participate fully. But it's NOT FOR "TIRE KICKERS."

Program Results

We believe that if you participate in all the classes and coaching opportunities and complete all the assignments, you'll succeed at creating a U.S. charitable nonprofit. While we can't take responsibility for judgments by state or IRS officials, we stand behind our program. So if you believe OrgLaunch has failed to provide the information you need to create a U.S. nonprofit organization, you may request that we refund the tuition you've paid, according to the procedure below:

How to Request a Refund

  1. You must have attended or listened to each class and coaching topic that we've made available to students and completed each assignment thoughtfully.
  2. We must receive your refund request in writing.
  3. You must attach your completed assignments to your email, and describe the reason(s) you believe the program has failed you. We must be able to open and read your attachments.
  4. Email your request to [email protected]

We'll review your request, verify your participation, and--if appropriate--issue a refund as quickly as we can, hopefully within 5 business days.

About Nonprofit Startup Academy

Nonprofit Startup Academy is a digital education and coaching program. Its mission is to equip compassionate visionaries to create high-performing, life-changing nonprofit programs and ministries--without frustration, confusion, and wasted time.

When you enroll in OrgLaunch, you can bring your leadership team with you. You're NOT in this alone.

Oh, Those Details!

You’re a visionary. You hate paperwork and nitpicking details. To you, “plan” is a 4-letter word, and you have no patience for paperwork! You just want to launch your program. NOW.

You’re enthusiastic and ready for ACTION, and it’s ok that you hate all that detail work. Nonprofit Startup Academy education and coaching programs help you navigate the process, planning, and paperwork of nonprofit startup. And they help prepare you and your leadership team for long-term success. Step by step.

About The Founder

Hello! I’m LaCharla Figgs, founder of T.L. Figgs Nonprofit Consulting and Nonprofit Startup Academy LLC. I'm a 25+ year veteran of nonprofit management, grant making, and consulting.

I launched the Nonprofit Startup Academy in 2016 to focus solely on nonprofit founders.

Grant programs have paid for much of my nonprofit consulting work over the years. And I realized something: Many more individuals and church leaders want to create nonprofits, but they don't have access to those free consulting services, provded by grant-funded programs.

So I created this digital program to offer convenient, affordable support to visionaries across the country who want a mentor to help them launch high-performing, life-changing nonprofits.

I love helping people who are devoted to serving people in need. I can't imagine a better job!