Fundraising Basics for Nonprofit Startups

Take the guesswork out of building a solid foundation for your fundraising efforts.


Fundraising Foundation

What nonprofit leader wouldn't love a magic wand for fundraising? In the real world, though, fundraising is a busness discipline. So this class will introduce you to the ABCs and equip you to start building a solid base for YOUR fundraising operation.

The Budget Dance

Funders invest many thousands of dollars in charitable programs, but unfortunately, some frown on administrative line items. This class will give you tips for maximizing your grant budget.

Fundraising Methods

The course will look at 7 different methods that U.S. nonprofits typically use to grow their financial base for programs and operations.

Sources of Funds

We'll review the 5 most common types of sources of program and operating funds and ways your and your board can pursue them.

Fundraising Plan

By the end of the course you and your board should be able to create a simple plan to guide your fundraising efforts for the coming year.

Course Details

  • This 6-week course. Next class date is To Be Announced. 
  • A new recorded lesson will be available in the online classroom each week. 
  • Later that week, we'll hold a live review and Q&A session. Each one will be recorded and saved in the online classroom.
  • We'll offer a full course review and Q&A session during the final week. 
  • Each student who completes the course and assignments will receive a Certificate of Completion.
  • TUITION: $79.00

What You'll Need

  • A reliable email address for updates. 
  • A computer or smart phone with reliable Internet to access the recorded lessons and download materials.
  • Q&A: A phone for audio or a computer & internet for audio and video.
  • A commitment of 1 to 2 hours each week for classes and homework.

After Registration

After you enroll, you'll get an email acknowledging your registration, outlining the schedule, and inviting you to join our private Facebook community for additional support.

A few days before class, you'll get an email with a link to online classroom, which is housed in the Nonprofit Startup Lab. You'll need the login information you created when you enrolled whenever you visit the Nonprofit Startup Lab.

About Nonprofit Startup Academy

Nonprofit Startup Academy is a digital education and coaching program. Its mission is to equip compassionate leaders to create high-performing, life-changing nonprofit programs and ministries--without frustration, confusion, and wasted time.

When you enroll in OrgLaunch, you can bring your leadership team with you. You're NOT in this alone.

Oh, Those Details!

You’re a visionary. You hate paperwork and nitpicking details. To you, “plan” is a 4-letter word, and you have no patience for paperwork! You just want to launch your program. NOW.

You’re enthusiastic and ready for ACTION, and it’s ok that you hate all that detail work. Nonprofit Startup Academy education and coaching programs help you navigate the process, planning, and paperwork of nonprofit startup. And they help prepare you and your leadership team for long-term success. Step by step.

What Clients and Students Have Said

Course Tuition: $79.00

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