You have a BIG vision: to improve the lives of hurting people. But are you confused about the best approach? Join us and choose the right path for YOU!












Discover YOUR Path to Serving Those in Need

You love helping people in need. And even with your crazy-busy life, you want to make a real difference.

But you're not sure how. You've thought about volunteering, or maybe even starting a nonprofit. But how do you choose the best option without wasting time and money?

I'm LaCharla Figgs, and if that sounds familiar, join me for the class, Finding Your Path.

Why should you join me?

Over the past 30 years I've talked with so many people who felt called to serve people in need. Most wanted to know how to start a nonprofit.

But the question should have been, "SHOULD I START A NONPROFIT?" It's not the best answer to every problem, and it's not the right option for every aspiring "change-maker." The wrong decision can waste time and money and leave you discouraged.

But this doesn't have to be your story. Finding Your Path shows you how important YOU are in the equation. How you can choose a path that helps you change peoples' lives while avoiding wasted time, wasted money and burnout.


Here's what you can expect...

  • It all starts with YOU. So first, we'll take a "guided tour" through your time, talent, and temperament. This helps you avoid choosing the wrong option for you and your lifestyle.
  • Next, you'll learn 6 specific alternatives to starting a nonprofit organization. Starting a nonprofit is one way to serve BIG, but it's also a big commitment. So this lesson equips you consider other high-impact ways to make a difference.
  • Get an in-depth look at what it takes to start and run a US nonprofit. You'll get enough detail to decide if this option is right for you, now or in the future.
  • By the end, you should know which option(s) will help you realize your vision and leave you feeling fulfilled.


  • You get 3 video-based lessons and a live coaching call.
  • The first lesson will be released on Day 1 (the day you enroll) at 6 a.m. The others will follow over the next 2 days.
  • Each lesson gives you practical information and exercises to help you TAKE ACTION. (Want results? Gotta do the work!)
  • The lessons are available 24/7 so you can watch them on YOUR schedule.
  • I won't leave you on your own, either. You can post questions inside the "classroom," and I'll answer each day.
  • And at the end of the class, I'll invite you to a live group coaching call where we can discuss anything related to the class.


You've put your vision on the back burner long enough. You didn't know how to approach it before. Now, you do: Explore your options, and choose the best path. Enroll below, and I'll see you in class!


"When you think about starting a nonprofit all you want to do is make a difference but this is a great course that opens your eyes and gives you a nice Foundation to what it really takes to start a non-profit. After each course my husband and I took the time to really think about whether we had the personality, temperament, capacity and the drive to really start one or if we were meant to take an alternative route for making an impact in our community. Great class for beginners!"

Finding Your Path [Class]
Wil and Gia M., Hyattsville, MD

"I am a resident of Florida and two things that helped me in our Startup class are The Making It PLAIN Assignments; writing our plans helped with understanding what my organization is really about and how to move forward. Secondly, being able to share feedback with others in our [Nonprofit] Startup Academy.....Thank you"

Make Your Vision Plain [Class & Coaching]
Pamela Jordan Calloway, Founder, Men of Honor

"This exercise was great! I was able to involve our Social Worker, RN and 2 of our board members. It helps ensure that we are all thinking and moving along the same line. Thanks so much!"

Program Builders Bootcamp [Coaching Program]
Deven Woods

"This lesson opens my eyes to areas I had not considered. Giving the people I want to reach a complete identity is amazingly helpful. My vision is becoming more and more real to me...Thanks! I can't wait for the next lesson!! "

Program Builders Bootcamp
Sherrine Jones

Discover your unique path to serving people in need.

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Nonprofit Startup Academy is a digital education and coaching program. Its mission is to equip compassionate change-makers to create high-performing, life-changing nonprofits and ministries--without fustration, confusion, and wasted time.

After you've launched, take advantage of other Academy courses and coaching that help with leadership building, fundraising, and planning.

The Founder

LaCharla’s ImageI'm LaCharla Figgs, founder of T.L. Figgs Nonprofit Consulting. I have more than 25 years' experience in nonprofit management, planning, organization-building, grant making, and leadership development.

After more than 10 years as a consultant, I still love helping my clients build life-changing organizations. I especially enjoy working with visionaries who want to launch US nonprofit programs and ministries. Their energy and drive are contagious!

I created Nonprofit Startup Academy--a digital education and coaching program--to offer visionaries across the U.S the support they need to create high-impact nonprofits that transform the lives of people in need.  Visionaries refuse to wait for someone else to make things better, and I can't imagine a better job than making their job easier!



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