Nonprofit Startup Academy is a digital education and coaching program. Its mission is to equip compassionate change-maker to create US charitable organizations and ministries that help transform life for people in need.

Is the Academy for You?

You’re a visionary. You hate paperwork and nitpicky detail. To you, "plan" is a 4-letter word, and you have no patience for "process." You just want to launch your program. NOW.

I love that you’re enthusiastic and ready for ACTION, and it’s ok that you hate all that detail work. Because that's what I’m good at. And that’s why I created this program to help you navigate the process, planning, and paperwork of nonprofit startup.

If you're new to the nonprofit world, you probably have a lot to learn. Over the past 25+ years, I've trained a enough nonprofit staff and board members to know that often knowledge is not enough. You need to know how to put that information to work. And that's why most of our programs include interaction with your instructor.

My goal is to help smooth your journey as you build a high-quality operation. So if you want a support on your journey, enroll in one our courses and coaching programs. You can see them HERE.

Meet The Founder

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I'm LaCharla Figgs, a 25-plus-year veteran of nonprofit startup, management, planning, grantmaking, and leadership development.

In my local area, I run an organizational development practice. Through T.L. Figgs Nonprofit Consulting I teach and coach community-based nonprofits in organization-building topics.

Among other things, I facilitate strategic planning, design programs, and offer leadership coaching. I love serving organizations that work every day to improve life for people in need.

As you can imagine, I've learned a thing or two about nonprofits over the years. And I love using that experience to ease the journey from vision to startup for compassionate change-makers.

I'll continue to create courses and coaching programs here to help you and your startup team build your program or ministry. So if having an instructor and coach appeals to you, let's take this journey together.

Let's get ready to change the world for Good!


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