Serving People in Need is Your Passion. Transforming Lives for Good is Your Mission!

One way to do that is to launch a nonprofit program or ministry. Our guide, Nonprofit Startup Basics tells you how, step by step. And it's free when you sign up for periodic email tips and exclusive content for aspiring nonprofit founders.


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~Education and Inspiration for U.S. Nonprofit Startups~


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I'm LaCharla Figgs, a 25-plus-year veteran of nonprofit startup, management, planning, grantmaking, and leadership development.

As you can imagine, I've learned a thing or two about nonprofits over the years. And I love using that experience to ease the journey from vision to startup for compassionate change-makers.

I'll continue to create courses and coaching programs here to help you and your startup team build your program or ministry. So if having an instructor and coach appeals to you, let's take this journey together.

Let's get ready to change the world for Good!


If you're like many compassionate change-makers, you want to do even more to help change the lives of people in need. Maybe you have NO idea how to do that. Or maybe you KNOW starting a nonprofit is your answer.

Wherever you are, if you're at all intrested in starting a charitable nonprofit in the US, our resources can help. In fact, we'll help you and your startup team build a solid foundation together. Choose a category below to learn more about the programs that are currently available..


Are You Exploring Your Options?

Starting and running a US nonprofit takes time, money, and commitment. These tools can help you decide if it's YOUR best option.

Are You Ready to Launch Your Program?

If you're ready for the planning, paperwork, and process of starting a charitable nonprofit in the US, these will help.

Are You Ready to Build Your Foundation?

Do you want a stable nonprofit that gets real results? Let our leadership- and organization-building resources help.

Would You Prefer to Browse Our Programs?

Have you been thinking about launching a US nonprofit program or ministry? Or have you decided that starting a nonprofit is your path? OR, have you recently launched a nonprofit and want help building a solid foundation? Great, you're in the right place! You can browse our current courses and coaching programs HERE.


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